Twelve Links to Inform and Inspire on World Water Day, March 22, 2012

Happy Spring -- or Fall, depending on which hemisphere you live in. 

Koh Ra is in the North, just barely at 9.25 degrees north of the Equator, so today is the first day of Spring here.  In Thailand, Songkran, or the Lunar New Year is coming.  It's usually celebrated with a range of water-based activities to cool off in the hot season and to usher in the rainy season.  It's a fitting time to focus on water.  As you probably know, March 22nd has been named by the United Nations as World Water Day.  If nothing else, we'd like to pass on some of their good ideas and support the idea that this water "problem" is our problem.  After all, every living thing including us and the plants and animals we need to stay alive ...  _all_ need water.  Perhaps that's the power of the frequently mentioned fact that we, ourselves, are almost entirely made of water.

Here are some other water facts and links to more that we hope will inspire you to take up the challenge to save our blue planet:

  1. Get your Water Show Ready:  It's up to each of us!
  2.!/UNW_WWD Tweets from the Water Story's Source -- news and infor for the day and the idea.
  3. You may have to switch to Astro Turf golf after reading this page.
  4. Consider this:
  5. Learn as much as a ten year old about the oceans:
  6. Check it out:
  7. US-centric, but definitely interesting if you want to know as much as your school-aged children know about water:
  8. Where does your water come from?
  9. Could you tone it down a little?
  10. Watch a good flic:
  11. What will they find down there?
  12. Donate your (social media) voice to the cause of clean water.

Oh, yeah.  Please add your own.